Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 5 blog posts

The following blog posts generated the most page views in the relatively short life of my blog. It's always interesting for me to see what people are reading, or at least perusing. It's funny how building an audience, while not my primary aim, is motivating to continue to write and think. Writing and thinking are the main objectives of my blogging efforts. But it is great to know that these efforts are interesting to others too.

1. Seven questions to guide decisions of an educational leader. This piece is by far the most read article I've produced to date. Over the years, I've collected a number of questions that I use to guide decisions and help me reflect on my practice. This piece is heavily influenced by Todd Whitaker and a number of other mentors I actually know (hope to meet Todd someday!).

2. Combine instructional rounds and Twitter to make learning visible. Almost anything to do with Twitter seems to be interesting to blog readers. This selection details how BHS teachers toured one another's classrooms and Tweeted about all the great things happening. It was a way to build a sense of community, get teachers in other teacher's classrooms, and generally make learning visible in our school. As a bonus, it was a great way for our staff members to continue experimenting with Twitter.

3. A graded paper will stop learning in its tracks. Standards based grading has been a big topic for our school and several of our teachers are piloting their classrooms using SBG. This piece explains how a grade on a paper, even with feedback comments, may stop learning. Read the post to learn why.

4. Why do educators need Twitter. In addition to completing my doctoral studies, Twitter has been the best professional development I've encountered. This short reflection discusses why Twitter is so powerful for learning.

5. I love being an educator because... This post was inspired by the #MOedchat summer blog challenge. The title is revealing. It's all about why I love being an educator. I included two videos that are inspiring for finding your purpose, one from Jon Gordon and one from Daniel Pink.

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