Monday, July 28, 2014

17 ideas to generate more school spirit

BHS business and marketing students were having a little fun while taking a break from cleaning up the street they adopted adjacent to the school. Experiences like this are a great way to build shared purpose and enthusiasm for school.

In a previous post Why school spirit matters, I explained some of my thoughts on why school spirit is important and should be encouraged and developed. Everyone in a school contributes to school spirit, but we need strong leaders (students, teachers, parents, principals, etc.) to help show the way to a more spirited school. Here are 17 ideas that might be helpful for increasing enthusiasm and enjoyment in your school.

1. Be a school that celebrates. Notice successes and strong efforts and make them visible.

2. Principals should be lead learners, but should also lead the fun!

3. Have a great Spirit Week and encourage everyone to participate.

4. Establish a strong online presence (Facebook, Twitter, website) and build your school's brand.

5. Promote your yearbook.

6. Have a yearlong battle of the classes with various opportunities to earn points. The class with the most points wins.

7. Get clubs and organizations, not just cheerleaders, involved in leading spirit activities.

8. Encourage teachers to model spirit. After all, participating in spirit activities will make an impact in the classroom.

9. Find ways to get students and staff wearing more school colors, T-shirts, etc.

10. Have contests and games throughout the school year and encourage participation.

11. Have activities during lunches to have fun and build community.

12. Establish traditions that are positive. Or, renew traditions that have fallen aside.

13. Encourage different groups in the school to support one another. Attend another team's sporting event together.

14. Enlist parents to help with developing spirit ideas.

15. Have teachers or principals do crazy stuff that students will love.

16. Tell stories from your school's history.

17. Get involved in the community and get the community involved in school.

I'd love to hear your ideas for building school spirit! Leave a comment.

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