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In Future Driven, David Geurin describes how to conquer the status quo, create authentic learning, and help your students thrive in an unpredictable world. He shares how to simultaneously be more committed to your mission while being more flexible with your methods. You'll discover strategies to help students learn transferable skills. And you'll find ways to inspire creative, adaptable learning.Ultimately, you'll invest in tomorrow by helping your students become world changers today.
Future Driven is a passionate, compelling forecast that urges all educators to engage smartly with what is coming. Teaching learners in this era of knowledge abundance requires teachers to take risks and for leaders to embrace change. A future focus, combined with action today, will ensure students are prepared for whatever they face. We need to have a long-term perspective and so do our students.
If we are going to prepare students for an increasingly complex and uncertain world, schools must be future-driven organizations. And if you are going to make a lasting difference and create a better tomorrow for students, you are needed as a future-driven educator. It's time to push your limits and push the limits of others too. Future Driven will challenge you to move forward boldly to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive In An Unpredictable World?

In Future Driven, David Geurin describes how to conquer the status quo, create authentic learning, and help your students thrive in an unpredictable world. He shares how to simultaneously be more committed to your mission while being more flexible with your methods. You'll discover strategies to ...

Praise for Future Driven

“David Geurin provides readers with a look into what our educational environments should truly look like. Throughout Future Driven, there are real stories that highlight the importance of overcoming obstacles, treating others with respect, and most importantly preparing students for the future. Get ready to be inspired and take immediate action as your work through this innovation manifesto geared towards promoting the success of all students.”
—Brad Currie, 2017 NASSP National Assistant Principal of the Year

“Geurin manages to masterfully combine pedagogy, leadership, motivation, and riveting stories from his own experiences into one succinct book. Educators in any role will find great value in the pages of Future Driven. I couldn’t put it down. It’s essential reading for teachers and school leaders looking to transition their thinking from “Bear” to “Bull” and “make learning irresistible.”
—Weston Kieschnick, Author of Bold School
Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

“This book is a must-read for every educator! David's passion for teaching and learning collide with a vision for future-ready schools in an authentic way that makes you feel like David's in the room and talking with you over a cup of coffee. This is a book that provides many practical examples, inspires a can-do attitude, and ignites a sense of urgency to think differently about what it means to prepare students for success in their futures.”
—Jennifer Hogan, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Technology
Hoover High School, Alabama

“David Geurin doesn't hold back! Through his experiences and connections with other leaders, Geurin weaves stories and advice for educators to create a true, future-driven focus for student success!”
                                        —Neil Gupta, Director of Secondary Education, Worthington City Schools

“Future Driven will resonate with every educator. Whether you're a teacher or an administrator, you will appreciate this refreshingly candid look at what is needed in every classroom. It is a blueprint for the revitalization of our schools. David Geurin writes with heart and writes from his experience. His passion for students and for the educational process comes through on every page.”
—Danny Steele
2016 Alabama Secondary Principal of the Year
2006 Alabama Assistant Principal of the Year

David connects the everyday world to what kids truly need in today's classrooms. He emphasizes the need for future ready mindsets in order to be prepared for success. I love how he brings to life the power of knowing how to learn over receiving information and regurgitating it. Every educator should read this powerful, game changing book. 
—Bethany Hill, Lead Learner, Central Elementary Cabot, Arkansas

“In today's ever changing landscape it is not enough for kids to just have the requisite skills to tackle tomorrow's issues. David gets to the heart of the matter in Future Driven, by inviting educators to embrace a new paradigm, one where teachers design experiences for students that invite creativity and adaptability. Filled with personal stories and practical do now ideas, David has put the possibility of being a futurist into the hands of every teacher and school building leader. Future Driven is both inspiring and deeply challenging, asking educators to consider how we are adapting our craft to the realities of student's needs today, and the unexpected world that awaits!
—Jeff Veal, Administrator, Speaker
Co-creator of #LeadUpChat and LeadUpNow.com

“David Geurin's Future Driven is essential for the progressive educator. He recalibrates traditional schooling by challenging us to develop transferable skills in students. Geurin drives educators on multiple journeys demanding that all stakeholders be futurists.”
—Brian McCann
2011 Massachusetts High School Principal of the Year

“If you know David, you know he is speaks boldly and plainly for advancing what we do in changing learning and teaching for the betterment of all. This project is view into the practical and impactful change practices his school embraces and a glimpse into the future of learning. This is a powerful tool!”
—Derek McCoy, Principal West Rowan Middle School,
NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner

“Thought provoking and informative, Future Driven asks the important questions to ensure that our students will be successful in an ever-changing world. Geurin outlines ways educators can fine tune their thinking to lead innovation and gives practical examples of how to be effective change agents.”
—Winston Y. Sakurai, Ed.D
2016 NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner
2016 HASSA Hawaii State Secondary Principal of the Year

“In Future Driven, David Geurin provides practical strategies that can immediately be applied no matter your title in education. As a school leader, my thinking was pushed to new heights with each turn of the page. Future Driven is a must-read for educators looking to transform practices to meet the needs of students now and for years to come. This will be a book that I return to for inspiration and ideas over and over again.”
—Beth Houf, co-author of Lead Like a PIRATE,
National Distinguished Principal of Fulton Middle School

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