Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Teacher's Christmas Wish

As the carol reminds us, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." We especially know how magical Christmas can be for kids. It's supposed to be a time filled with joy and happiness for all.  

But for many students, and some teachers too, the holidays are stressful and difficult. The hardships of life seem magnified around the holidays. In our school, two families were suddenly faced with heartbreaking personal loss just before the break.

So as we gather with our families to rejoice and be thankful, I know that teachers in our community and all over the world will also be thinking of a student, a family, or a fellow teacher, who might be suffering during the holiday season. 

Teachers have generous and caring hearts. I can just imagine that in the midst of the holiday bustle, a teacher is thinking of her students, lifting them up in prayer. 

It's a teacher's Christmas wish.

That she will have love and care during the holidays and all through the year.

That he will have a warm bed, food to eat, and someone to keep him safe.

That she won't be afraid.

That he won't feel lonely.

That someone will pick them up, dust them off, and wipe their tears.

That there will be something under the tree.

That there will be peace at home.

That there will be loving hugs.

And that after the holidays are over, all of the students will return to school with good memories of Christmas, feeling supported and ready to learn.

It's a teacher's Christmas wish.

Question: How are you mindful of your students during this season? Leave a comment below or respond on Twitter or Facebook.

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