Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Goodbye Twitter life, maybe we'll reconnect after the days of summer

As many of you know, the life of an educator can be all-consuming. When your work is purpose-filled and mission-driven, there is always a sense that there is more to do, more to contribute, a bigger impact to make. And the work is big. There are many challenges to overcome. There are many students in need of better opportunities. There are many ways we can and need to improve our schools, so they reflect the world we live in today and not the one we once knew or our parents once knew. So I remain committed to the work, to my purpose as an educator, to sharing my voice, and to growing alongside other passionate educators through my PLN.

But for the month of July, I will mostly retreat from Twitter, blogging, and all other social media. There may be an occasional post of inspiration or personal share. But for the most part, I will pull back as I completely restructure my time. You see, there are five people in my life who are counting on me more than anyone else. They call me husband and dad. And they have often gotten whatever is leftover after my life was poured out for school and work. And I realize they need the best of me. Time is moving forward and no legacy is more important than the legacy of one's family. So for July, I will spend my time wholly devoted to Lori, Drew, Cooper, Maddie, and Emma.

I plan to return to consistent work and presence in my PLN for August and beyond. The connections and learning I have experienced through this community have been invaluable. The support is tremendous. The shared sense of meaning and motivation is powerful to carry the work forward. Thank you for being a part of my learning journey.

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