Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Digital leadership requires setting an example

In a recent survey of our students, over 90% indicated they believed technology would be increasingly important to their future. We all know the internet isn’t going away anytime soon, and if we are paying attention, it’s easy to see more and more ways technology, and those who can use it effectively, add value to life and work.

But we still have many educators who are not recognizing the importance of using technology effectively in our schools. We need leaders to model the use of technology and find ways to use technology to support learning goals. It’s hard for us to expect students to use technology for learning if we aren’t modeling it.

I’m very proud of teachers in our building who, even when feeling less than 100% confident, have taken risks to try new things and be learners themselves. This willingness to change and to adapt is admirable.

Here are 10 ways teachers and principals can demonstrate digital leadership:

  1. Set up and use Remind app to communicate with stakeholders.
  2. Use S’More to create classroom or school newsletters.
  3. Use technology for formative assessment.
  4. Start a blog.
  5. Have students demonstrate learning using a digital tool.
  6. Video a lesson or provide information to parents through a screencast.
  7. Try Google classroom with your students.
  8. Advocate for greater access to digital tools for your students.
  9. Approach your principal about developing and online course.
  10. Use Twitter to share information and engage your community.

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