Monday, September 22, 2014

A vision statement for transforming learning

At our last 1:1 committee meeting, we worked on creating a vision or results statement for this project. We all agree the point of 1:1 is ultimately not a connected device in the hands of every student. That's not the endgame. The power of the device is dependent on the effective transformation of teaching and learning to meet the demands of our ever changing world. If the devices help us meet this goal it will only be with a clear vision, a full understanding by everyone in the building, and leadership on the part of admin, teachers, and even students.

Here is the current draft of the statement we developed:

In ____ years, we want anyone who walks into our classrooms to see:

  • Students participating in global conversations that extend beyond the walls of our classrooms.
  • Students doing work that prepares them for the real-world work they'll do beyond graduation.
  • Students demonstrating their learning as producers of content.
  • Learning environments that recognize each student as a unique individual, allowing for self-pacing and utilizing differentiation strategies. 
  • Students participating in digital learning as responsible, ethical, productive digital citizens. 

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