Friday, May 2, 2014

Humbled by Bammy nomination

When I recently visited to vote for some of my favorite PLN stars I was very surprised to see that I had been nominated in the secondary school principal category, alongside some amazing educational leaders like Aaron Becker , Dwight Carter, Jimmy Casas, and Jason Markley. Although I have been an avid tech principal for years--we were doing 1:1 with Palm Pilots ten years ago--until recently, I hadn't established a strong presence on Twitter other than through our school handle, @LiberatorsNOW. Sure, I published an occasional tweet, but I wasn't fully leveraging the power of Twitter.

But that's all changed thanks to the strength of growing my PLN. I have learned so much from the interactions and relationships I've cultivated. It's truly caused me to become a more reflective,  dynamic, and forward thinking leader. In fact, I'm 100% convinced of the potential for learning and growth through the networking that is possible with Twitter. In particular, I have enjoyed connecting through several Twitter chats including #moedchat, #iaedchat, #colchat, #sblchat, #christianeducatorschat, and more.

So while I am honored by the Bammy nomination, any contributions I've made to "the conversation" are a result of others who've I learned from. I've shared content or synthesized content and learned so much. I look forward to learning even more and connecting with other leading minds from all parts of the world.

Dave Geurin

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